What is HVLS Fan & its Benefits in 2024

HVLS Fan & its Benefits

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In summer when temperature goes above 33 degrees or when the humidity is high it is tough to work under such conditions. It reduces human comfort and affects productivity. A new study finds hot conditions at work may cause significant productivity losses because workers are less productive when it is warm.

A negligible increase in temperature has created a considerable need of cooling and ventilation solutions in large premises. When we think of conventional solutions, they are insufficient, less productive, and high energy consumption.

Hence it is highly recommended to adopt the high-volume low-speed fans solutions.

What are HVLS Fans?

High-volume low-speed, or HVLS fans are large-scale industrial fans used for ventilation in large spaces. These fans are designed for larger areas of circulation where airflow is required, like commercial spaces, warehouses and manufacturing plants.

The high-volume, low-speed performance of the HVLS fan increases air circulation and allows for maximized humidity control, which helps keep large rooms at desired humidity levels. This can help increase comfort and reduce energy consumption in any space where heating and cooling are required.

Let’s look at the various benefits of HVLS fans

Benefits of HVLS Fans

1. Energy Saving

HVLS fans are becoming significantly important for energy-saving in industrial, manufacturing, commercial, and residential sectors. They are becoming a powerful player in warehouses and factories due to their ability to lower energy costs, increase quality control, and improve air circulation, among other benefits.

2. Huge Output

HVLS represents the most structured fan design because it sips energy and can move massive quantities of air without causing the inefficient turbulence that smaller fans do.

3. Evaporative Cooling

One of the most efficient features is the evaporative cooling effect. Inspite of the temperature remaining the same, the circulation of air helps a space feel cooler.

4. Raise Productivity

Studies have repeatedly confirmed that employees work speedily, produce more and make rarer mistakes when they are comfortable. Satisfied employees also take lesser sick days and are less likely to look elsewhere for job opportunities.

5. Workspace Safety

Many facilities are affected by sweating slab syndrome, because of which the floor becomes slippery and there is a risk of workers falling. This can be solved through HVLS fans, as they promote evaporation and are considered best for reducing moisture on the ground, thus reducing the risk.

Why to Choose KRISSVENT HVLS Fans for Your Business?

1. Low Power Consumption

At KRISSVENT, our large, high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans run on just 1.1 KW/hr. It means lower energy bills compared to running air conditioning or conventional fans.

The power consumption of 34 high speed fans is 0.25 Kw X 34 Nos = 8.5 Kw/h.

This means high-speed fans consume 8.5 units of electricity per hour, whereas the KRISSVENT HVLS fan consumes only 1.1 KW / hr. It saves more than 7 units of electricity per hour.

2. Maintenance Free

KRISSVENT PMSM HVLS Fans run at a very low speed, 52 RPM, which gives no jerk compared to the geared motor. The start/stop and acceleration/deceleration time of the fan is controlled by the variable frequency drive in the control box. No oil change is required in our HVLS fan compared to other geared fans. An oil change costs 10K to 15K every 3 years and also involves a lot of man work to bring the fan down.

3. Easy to Install

KRISSVENT HVLS Fans takes around 3-4 hours to install one fan. If there is a boom lift then the installation can be 3 fans in a day.

4. Improve Workplace Comfort & Productivity

KRISSVENT HVLS fans improve workplace comfort in many ways. They can be used to:

  • Reduce humidity in muggy weather
  • Improve ventilation for fresher, healthier air
  • Prevent sick building syndrome
  • Eliminate hot and cold spots
  • Helps reduce power consumption
  • Improve airflow and reduce noise levels by filtering and redirecting the flow of air
  • Keep employees comfortably cool and fresh


1. Why are HVLS Fans the best Investment for a Business?

HVLS fans are getting popular across all sorts of environments – from Manufacturing Industries to Logistics, warehouses and huge closed spaces to theaters, airports, automobile workshops and community places – HVLS fans are becoming quite familiar these days.

2. HVLS fan is one phase or three phases?

HVLS fans are three phases.

3. What is the minimum height to mount a fan?

4.5m. We can also install using the depth of the beam. “side mount on I beam” and “side mount on RCC”


HVLS fans are a perfect solution to your ventilation and air quality peril. They will lower your high heating and cooling bills, decrease energy usage, create a comfortable environment for your employees, increase their productivity levels, and fulfill the need for better ventilation.

We have expertise in the field and have worked with the technology for years, assuring the best HVLS fans for your facility. We believe in helping our customers find the best fit for their needs. Get the benefits of installing HVLS fans with KRISSVENT. For more inquiries, Contact us and talk to our expert for your specific need.

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